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Are you ready for the revolution? GWF Who’s Next starts into the next round. 12 of the most talented young wrestlers from all over Europe compete against each other to secure the big prize. Who will make it through to the finals and secure a spot with the German Wrestling Federation? It’s up to you to decide!

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Die GWF Who's Next Revolution Jury

The candidates will be judged by a jury of experienced professional wrestlers. Included are:

The last show of the year!

Be LIVE at the last event of the German Wrestling Federation in 2019! We’ll knock everything out again! The superstars are there, title fights, hear for the last time how the referee beats his hand on the mat and the ring bell decides on winner and loser.

GWF Who’s Next goes into the third season with Revolution. In 2017, the Hungarian Benji was the first winner of Who’s Next and was awarded a contract with the German Wrestling Federation. His time in the German capital, however, is characterized more by the rain than GWF Loserweight Champion.

A year later, in the second season of Who’s Next, a fierce feud between the Irishman Andy Steel and the Turkish Onur Daglar emerged early on. From their fight in the first round, they went all the way to the finals. Where the bull of Turkish wrestling successfully prevailed against “The Real Deal”.

This year, however, the German Wrestling Federation is breaking new ground! In Who’s Next Revolution, 12 of the most talented wrestlers from all over Europe compete to win the big prize. A spot in the roster of the German Wrestling Federation. To achieve the grand prize, the candidates have to prove themself inside the squared circle. In the end, it’s you the fans who decide who comes to the next round.

Each wrestler has to prove herself at the microphone before her match and show that she is verbose and charismatic. The promo is an essential part of the wrestling-craft and must be mastered perfectly by the future winner.

In the ring, they have to show what wood they are carved from. In the first round, two wrestlers compete in a singles match. They have to prove their overall athleticism and fighter's heart. But a victory here does not automatically mean that you are on.


The jury of Who's Next Revolution reads like a dream come true. These current and former superstars of the squared circle razor-sharp analyze every last detail and have no mince words. Not everyone is up to it.

In the end, it's you fans who decide which wrestler will make it to the next round of GWF Who's Next Revolution. After each issue, you have the opportunity for one week to vote for your favourite and so can help make dreams come true.

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