Die German Wrestling Federation präsentiert Three Count – Die Wrestling Serie auf YouTube.

Die coolste Wrestling Serie Deutschlands startet direkt nach GWF Grandslam Wrestling – der großen Open-Air Show im August 2017. Der Held der Hauptstadt, Pascal Spalter, konnte sich dort in einem packenden Main Event den GWF World Title von Moose zurückerobern.

“El Presidente” Rambo zieht die Strippen in der German Wrestling Federation und der ehemalige Präsident Ahmed Chaer muss mit der neuen Autorität erst noch zurecht kommen.

Begleitet die Superstars der GWF in 13 spannenden Folgen auf ihrer Reise zu der Großveranstaltung des Jahres. GWF Legacy: 22 Jahre Berlin Wrestling.

GWF Three Count – Die Wrestling Serie lief jeden Mittwoch Abend auf YouTube  und Fite und kann hier noch einmal erlebt werden.

Staffel 1

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Welcome to the first episode of GWF THREE COUNT – The Wrestling Series!

Grandslam Wrestling is in the history books and the German Wrestling Federation has a new, old World Champion.

While looking for a new challenger El Presidente Rambo learns that his position doesn’t come with unlimited power.

In the ring GWF presents a showcase between “The Star Attraction” Mark Haskins and “The Arrow of Hungary” Icarus as well as “The Austrian Wolverine” Chris Colen in action.

See a new threat in form of Grup Anarşi and a lot more in the premiere of THREE COUNT.

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A week after his World Champion threatened to leave the German Wrestling Federation El Presidente Rambo talks to his title holder Pascal Spalter and makes him an once in a lifetime offer.

The challenger Orlando Silver on the other hand is supported by an old friend who also collides with the Cash Money Mafia.

They are living up to their name and drag uninvolved people into their dirty business.

You will also see a fast paced match between the croatian Kris „The Falcon“ Jokić and the French Senzation Senza Volto as well as GWF Berlin Champion Tarkan Aslan in action.

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The biggest chance: Nothing is more important to Orlando Silver than winning the GWF World Title.

But the upcoming Battlefield event is also important to other people who boldy announce their success.

Others have self-doubts and need to shake them off in order to show their talents in the ring.

But in the end fate hits harder than you can imagine.

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Battlefield is in the history books and changed a lot within the German Wrestling Federation.

While Pascal Spalter has to deal with the huge loss shortly after his big win at Grandslam Wrestling his opponent Orlando Silver now reigns as the new GWF World Champion.

Also Icarus might have left Battlefield as the big winner but still has a score to settle with his former partner.

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A few weeks before GWF REVENGE on October 7th it seems like everybody’s getting into position.

Grup Anarsi with Leader Ali Aslan is not only causing chaos outside of the ring but is also luring Chris Colen into playing a dangerous game.

GWF president Rambo seeks advice from the experienced GWF Berlin Champion Tarkan Aslan and is looking to prove himself in the ring as well.

You’ll see this and much more in the fifth episode of THREE COUNT.

Cem Kaplan vs. Senza Volto

GWF Tag Team Championship Match
Abdul Kenan & Aytac Bahar vs. El Presidente Rambo & Vincenzo Coccotti

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After Chris Colen played a dangerous game in the last week GWF World Champion Orlando Silver will learn about the outcome of it.

Meanwhile the former champion Pascal Spalter only has one demand for GWF Revenge on October 7th. Will El Presidente Rambo accept?

And while Rambo clings to the GWF Tag Team belts whereas his “partner” seems to have different ideas, Rambo has to deal with other problems all by himself every day.

Cash Money Erkan vs. Georges Khoukaz
Cem Kaplan vs. Ronaldo Shaqiri

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Only a week until GWF Revenge and Chris Colen gets confronted by his best friend, the GWF World Champion Orlando Silver. Silver is highly disappointed in Colen but the Austrian Wolverine has some issues he needs to talk about.

El Presidente Rambo is getting into a bet with the Cash Money Mafia, Crazy Sexy Mike is listening to the other people and Tarkan Aslan seems to invest in the GWF rookies just out of his own interest. What is the plan of the reigning GWF Berlin Champion?

Cash Money Erkan vs. Chris Colen

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Only a few days until GWF REVENGE and a lot of the GWF roster is still trying to get a spot on the big show.

Senza Volto and Icarus for example already had two spectacular matches during the year – so they are looking forward to their third match one month before the big anniversary show.

Before their big rematch the challenger Pascal Spalter is trying to get into the head of GWF World Champion Orlando Silver.

Also a week after listening to him running his mouth about the former president Ahmed Chaer, the Star Attraction Mark Haskins is stepping into the ring against Lucky Kid.

Mark Haskins vs. Lucky Kid

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GWF REVENGE might have finished some rivalries but put a spark into new ones.

How will Ali Aslan explain the attack on Orlando Silver? What does Lucky Kid have to say after insulting Ahmed Chaer like he did last week?

And how will the new and old GWF World Champion Pascal Spalter cope with the challenge of two opponents at GWF LEGACY on November 11th?

GWF Loserweight Title Match
Martin Guerrero vs. Georges Khoukaz

5000 € Hardcore Match
Senza Volto vs. Dover

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In the tenth episode of GWF Three Count we’ll have a confrontation of champions.

The Loserweight Champion Martin Guerrero goes after the GWF Berlin Champion Tarkan Aslan who is also dealing with his former partner Lucky Kid.

The other titles of the German Wrestling Federation are also highly coveted and president Rambo determines the challengers for the GWF Tag Team Titles at GWF Legacy on November 11th.

But he also received a mysterious note…

Los Libertadores De La Lucha Libre (El Presidente Rambo & Gefreiter Weber) vs. Purple Star Circus (Slinky & Slim Jim)

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Only two weeks until GWF LEGACY left and it seems like the GWF roster is colliding inside the ring and outside of the squared circle.

Chris Colen is venting about the backstage problems, Rambo is revealing a secret about his presidency and Loserweight Champion Martin Guerrero is demanding a special opponent after his loss at GWF REVENGE.

Find out who it is and more in this weeks episode of GWF THREE COUNT.

Lucky Kid & Ronaldo Shaqiri vs. Tarkan Aslan & Cash Money Erkan


A week before GWF LEGACY on November 11th the emotions are rising high as the reigning GWF World Champion Pascal Spalter confronts his two challengers Icarus and Chris Colen.

Also the presidential candidates Rambo and Ahmed Chaer have a heated encounter.

But on the way to the big anniversary there are also new blooming alliances.

Senza Volto vs. Pascal Spalter

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We are three days away from GWF LEGACY, the big anniversary show of the German Wrestling Federation. 22 years in the making and in the final episode of GWF THREE COUNT the biggest conflicts are reaching their peaks. They used to work as a tag team but now Berlin Champion Tarkan Aslan confronts his former Young Lions partner Lucky Kid before their match. Martin Guerrero explains to his trainer and mentor Vincenzo Coccotti why he wants to step into the ring with him. Also the former president Ahmed Chaer makes the shocking discovery who is behind all his problems of the past few months and must learn if blood is really thicker than water. This and more in the final episode of GWF THREE COUNT!

Gefreiter Weber vs. Kris Jokić

Dover vs. Chris Colen

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