Full house at Festsaal Kreuzberg for GWF Pick Your Poison! The energetic fans were greeted by Ahmed Chaer and his older brother Mike Chaer, who were to face each other on opposite sides in an unusual brotherly duel later in the evening. They handed the microphone over to ring announcer Olaf Heyden, aka Jürgen Kerbel, who announced the first match.

BLUTSBRÜDER Erkan Sulcani and Orlando Silver not only had to digest the loss of the GWF Tag Team Titles, but also had to prove themselves against two new teams. On one side Feyyaz Aguila and Arash, who had found themselves at GWF Summer Smash 6 looking for the new challenger to the GWF Loserweight Title and on the other side the tandem of Pascal Spalter and Joshua Amaru. Also at the previous show, Spalter took the Fresh Prince under his wing. In fact, the GWF Loserweight Title played a role in this match as well, as the Alarm of Shame went off in the middle of the match. This newly introduced siren means that whoever gets pinned or quits (or otherwise loses) in the current match automatically becomes the new challenger for the title of shame. Surprisingly, this fate did not befall the Persian Wonderkid or the boy with the beautiful beard, but Orlando Silver, who was pinned by Pascal Spalter.

Aytac Bahar and Rambo met in the second fight in a duel between two absolute fighting machines, who tried with full force to seize the match. Bahar did not let his opponent’s experience get him down and after a contested fight, the two opponents were counted out by the referee, with which neither the fans nor the wrestlers were satisfied. Rambo and Bahar demanded that the match continue. The referee agreed after a brief discussion and Bahar was able to surprise the former GWF Berlin Champion and roll him up for the win.

The first title fight of the evening was in the third match, when the new GWF Tag Team Champions Tim and Tom Stübing competed under the eyes of their mentor Ahmed Chaer against his brother Mike Chaer and Ronaldo Shaqiri. Especially Shaqiri and Tim Stübing really gave each hard shots in this fair fight, but in the end the youngest GWF Champions ever celebrated their first title defense after Tim Stübing could defeat Mike. Afterwards, the two teams expressed their mutual respect.

The Pick Your Poison match was up next. The previous month, GWF World Champion John Klinger and Senza Volto contractually agreed to a GWF World Title match at Battlefield. As a foretaste both should compete at this show in a so-called Pick Your Poison Match. Here John Klinger should determine the opponent of Senza Volto, Senza Volto in return the opponent of John Klinger. For personal reasons the masked French Senzation could not travel to Berlin, but he announced the opponent of the World Champion in advance: The Belgian War Machine Mike D. Vecchio. The fans were – except for the BLUTSBRÜDER ULTRAS – united behind Vecchio, who fought an open battle with the World Champion and even sniffed victory after a cracking Powerbomb. However, Erkan Sulcani and Orlando Silver intervened in the fight and attacked the Belgian War Machine, who thus took the victory by disqualification.

Afterwards, the BLUTSBRÜDER wanted to continue attacking their opponent, but a video message interrupted them. Axel Tischer appeared and announced that he would be making his return to the German Wrestling Federation on September 19 to compete in the Battlefield Match. Klinger taunted Tischer after this, saying that after all, he wouldn’t even dare to be here in the arena. The Axeman’s music sounded and sure enough, he strode in front of the crowd, who went wild with joy. Tischer marched into the ring and faced the BLUTSBRÜDER, who left the ring after a short staredown.

After the break there was the fight between the next generation in the German Wrestling Federation. The spectacular Crowchester, trained in Hamburg, met in a 3-way match with the four-time martial arts world champion Fast Time Moodo and the chosen one from the GWF Training School Kevin Lazar. A match in which the three opponents gave each other everything they have, as could be seen from a laceration Moodo suffered when he was thrown ungently against the ring post. In the end, the quick-as-an-arrow crow was able to prevail and claim an important victory.

The second title fight of the evening was next when GWF Loserweight Champion Slim Jim met the unwilling challenger Abdul Kenan. The outspoken Kenan unpacked everything he had in his arsenal, while Slim Jim employed a cold wax strip, providing some relief to his opponent’s hairy chest. In the end, the title of shame changed hands despite the challenger’s resistance and Abdul Kenan was forced to celebrate his first title win in the German Wrestling Federation.

In the main event of the event there was another title fight: Tarkan Aslan, undefeated for two years, challenged the perfect force of nature Toni Harting for his GWF Berlin Title. Already four years ago the two faced each other, but the constellation was different. Tarkan Aslan defended then in his first title defense after winning the title against Harting, who at that time was only a few months in the ring. A hard-fought battle came to an unpleasant end when Aslan had to stop the fight due to a shoulder injury. Harting accordingly defended his title without shouldering Aslan and at the end announced that he had now earned a vacation.

We are looking forward to welcoming you all back on September 19th at GWF Battlefield. The GWF World Title match between John Klinger and Senza Volto is already set, and we will also see the return of Axel Tischer in the GWF Battlefield match. Get your tickets at

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