On Sunday 18 July 2021 we finally celebrated our return to the Festsaal Kreuzberg. After the two GWF founders Ahmed and Mike Chaer welcomed the fans, ring announcer Olaf Heyden aka Jürgen Kerbel announced the first match.

The Stübing Brothers (Tim & Tom Stübing) defeated the BLUTSBRÜDER (Erkan Sulcani & Orlando Silver) and won the GWF Tag Team Titles in their first ever title match.

GWF Berlin Champion Toni Harting came to the ring and not only announced that he would defeat his challenger Marius Al-Ani at GWF Summer Smash 6 with his own weapons – the Ankle Lock – but also launched the “Tiger Challenge”, in which he wanted to give the newcomers a chance to step into the ring against him and compete for the Berlin Title. The open challenge was accepted by Feyyaz Aguila, who put up a spirited fight but had to give up in the ankle lock. Toni Harting then challenged Marius Al-Ani to a preparatory fight as well. Since Senza Volto, who was planned as Mike D. Vecchio’s opponent, could not travel to Berlin due to his Corona illness, Harting suggested that Al-Ani should take Senza Volto’s place. Al-Ani came to the ring and not only accepted the challenge, but was able to dodge a sneaky attack from Harting and send him out of the ring.

The third bout of the evening saw GWF World Champion John Klinger take on Crowchester in a non-title match. In the end Klinger was able to win the fight, but this did not seem to be enough for him. Together with Erkan Sulcani and Orlando Silver he beat up Crowchester, put a Senza Volto mask on him and attacked Crowchester’s leg with a chair. He then called the ring announcer to the ring, as a contract signing for the upcoming World Title match with Senza Volto was scheduled. Klinger signed the contract for the match, which will take place in September at GWF Battlefield 2021. Klinger will not have to defend his GWF World Title until then, but he and Senza Volto will compete in so-called Pick Your Poison matches on 15 August 2021. Klinger will choose the opponent for Senza Volto, Volto will choose the opponent for Klinger. These matches also give the August show its name.
Should John Klinger defend the title against Senza Volto in September, he would replace Too Cold Scorpio as the longest reigning GWF World Champion ever. Scorpio held the title for 877 days from November 1999 to April 2002, while Klinger surpassed the 800-day mark a few days ago.

In a tag team match, Grup Anarşi, consisting of Aytac Bahar and Abdul Kenan faced the team of “Crazy” Mike Chaer and Ronaldo Shaqiri. While Ali Aslan presented himself in captivating form from the outside, Bahar and Kenan, however, allowed themselves to be outplayed by the mentor/student duo and in the end Mike was able to claim victory over Abdul Kenan. After the fight, Ali Aslan shouted at his protégés and left the ring without them.

The “hero of the capital” Pascal Spalter entered the ring in the penultimate bout of the evening against Joshua Amaru. The young wrestler from the GWF Training School already had to compete with Rambo and Orlando Silver in the past months and also held his own against the three-time World Champion. Whereby this statement is completely understated, as Amaru even managed to get out of a pin attempt after the “Drehschluss”. Spalter was just as shocked as the spectators, but in the end took the victory. Still, Joshua Amaru earned more than just the respect of the fans that day.

In the main event of the show, Marius Al-Ani met Mike D. Vecchio as Toni Harting had demanded. Both delivered a hard-hitting, action-packed duel at eye level. When Marius Al-Ani took the Belgian War Machine into the dreaded Ankle Lock, Toni Harting ran into the ring and attacked Marius with the intention of weakening him before the planned Berlin Title Match, thus ensuring the disqualification victory for the Erfurt native. However, Al-Ani fought back, took Harting into the Ankle Lock and even made Harting tap out. Losing the title thus became a very realistic option. With a celebrating challenger for the GWF Berlin Title, the first show of the evening ended.

In a nutshell:

GWF Tag Team Titles Match
Stuebing Brothers (Tim Stuebing & Tom Stuebing) (with Ahmed Chaer) defeated BLUTSBRÜDER (Erkan Sulcani & Orlando Silver) (c) (with John Klinger) – TITLE CHANGE

GWF Berlin Title Match
Toni Harting (c) defeated Feyyaz Aguila

John Klinger defeated Crowchester

Ronaldo Shaqiri & Mike Chaer defeated Grup Anarşi (Aytac Bahar & Abdul Kenan) (with Ali Aslan)

Pascal Spalter defeated Joshua Amaru

Marius Al-Ani defeated Mike D. Vecchio via disqualification after an interference by Toni Harting

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