After ring announcer Olaf Heyden alias Jürgen Kerbel welcomed the audience, the second show of the day started with bad news. Crowchester was so badly injured by John Klinger’s attack at GWF WELCOME BACK that he could not compete in the scheduled fight.

As a replacement, the martial arts experienced Fast Time Moodo made his debut in the German Wrestling Federation and was set to compete against two former World Champions in Pascal Spalter and Tarkan Aslan in a 3-way match. However, the Leipzig native fit in almost seamlessly and thrilled the spectators with his hard kicks. In the end, however, he had to admit defeat to the “Lion King” Tarkan Aslan, who then made his title ambitions clear.

Aytac Bahar – unaccompanied by Abdul Kenan and Ali Aslan – then met Georges Khoukaz who, interestingly enough, is himself a former member of Grup Anarşi. The two engaged in a hard-hitting contest, which Khoukaz managed to win, but the result did not seem to be without controversy, as Bahar argued loudly with the referee afterwards. Frustration over the Grup Anarşi situation or was Bahar actually disadvantaged?

In a 6-Man Tag Team Match the BLUTSBRÜDER Erkan Sulcani, Orlando Silver and GWF World Champion John “Bad Bones” Klinger entered the ring against the new GWF Tag Team Champions Tim and Tom Stuebing and their mentor Ahmed Chaer. Again, there was plenty of action for the fans to see. While Sulcani and Silver took out the two Stuebing brothers one after the other, John Klinger pinned Ahmed Chaer, himself a former World Champion in the ring, continuing to prove his dominance and showing that the BLUTSBRÜDER were still a strong unit despite losing the Tag Team titles.

Joshua Amaru now had to deal with another superstar, facing Belgian War Machine Mike D. Vecchio. In the duel of the two heavyweights, the Belgian had the edge in the end and got himself back on track with a cracking powerbomb. After the fight, Pascal Spalter appeared on stage and called Joshua Amaru to him while holding a film flap in his hand. Symbolically, Spalter hit the first flap and seemed to take Amaru under his wing.

Three young men met in a 3-way match to decide the new challenger for the GWF Loserweight Title between them – in a reverse elimination match, of course. That meant whoever pinned an opponent was allowed to leave the match. And whoever remained had to take their chance at the title of shame. The participants were the Persian Wonderkid Arash, the charismatic Feyyaz Aguila and Abdul Kenan, who appeared in plain black clothing and with new music. Earlier, a video was shown that showed Grup Anarşi after losing at GWF WELCOME BACK. Ali Aslan was disappointed with his protégés as they no longer celebrated any successes and left them saying that he had to think about what to do next.
In the match, Arash managed to score the first pinfall when he shouldered Feyyaz Aguila. However, Abdul Kenan was unable to take advantage of this, instead he was blindsided by Aguila and accordingly has to challenge GWF Loserweight Champion Slim Jim for the title.

In the main event, GWF Berlin Champion Toni Harting put his gold on the line against Marius Al-Ani. Before the fight Harting announced again that he would defeat Al-Ani with his own weapons – the Ankle Lock. The two opponents delivered an even, fierce battle in the Main Event. However, Harting did not manage to claim victory by submission, but rolled Al-Ani up rather shabbily and dusted off the victory and with it the title defence.

With this, the German Wrestling Federation said goodbye to the spectators – it continues on Sunday, 15 August 2021 at GWF PICK YOUR POISON. Tickets at

In a nutshell:

3-Way Match
Tarkan Aslan defeated Pascal Spalter and Fast Time Moodo by pinfall on the latter.

Georges Khoukaz defeated Aytac Bahar

BLUTSBRÜDER (John Klinger, Erkan Sulcani & Orlando Silver) defeated the Stuebing Brothers (Tim & Tom Stuebing) and Ahmed Chaer

Mike D. Vecchio defeated Joshua Amaru

#1 Contender Match for GWF Loserweight Title – Reverse Elimination Match
Arash and Feyyaz Aguila defeated Abdul Kenan (Arash pinned Feyyaz, Feyyaz pinned Kenan)

GWF Berlin Title Match
Toni Harting (c) defeated Marius Al-Ani

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